Parent Education Workshops

Parent education is an important part of our program at NPG. Parents have the opportunity to attend a variety of classes and hear guest speakers as well as to knit, make beeswax candles, do felting, basket making, and other handcrafts throughout the year. Enrolled NPG parents are required to attend 5 parent education classes over the course of a school year. All of our parent education classes are open to the public.

We offer a wide variety of speakers and classes. Our 2012-13 classes include a 10 week series with Karen Rivers on Tuesday mornings in the fall, Creating Family Festivals with Amber Risucci, Healthy Movement with Valerie Baadh, and Family Storytelling with Nancy Mellon, as well as Diaper Free Toddlers and other topics of interest to parents.

Handwork & Crafts

One of the best ways to get to know our NPG community is to attend one of our craft classes. As human beings, we use our hands regularly in our daily lives. In our technological age, we have moved away from the creation of the home made in favor of online pursuits. In today’s busy world, working with your hands to create something your child or family will enjoy is a way to slow down from the sometimes hectic pace of life and connect person to person. You don’t have to be “crafty” to enjoy our classes. Beginners are welcome! Come learn to knit or crochet. Make a doll or a puppet or a spring basket or dip some beeswax candles for your table. Our knitting and handwork group meets twice a month on Monday evenings during the school year.

Our 2012-13 craft classes include Needle Felted Spring Treasures with Suzanne Down of Juniper Tree Puppetry, beeswax candle dipping and molding with Jan Schubert, as well as our spring basket making classes and Waldorf doll making. You can sign up for class on our website. NPG member families attend most classes free or at a reduced price.

Upcoming Workshops & Crafts:

There are no classes currently scheduled